10 Touching Essay Topics From Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the flies is an interesting tale written by William Golding relating to the struggles of a group of schoolchildren often they crash land on an island. It describes about that attempts to survive and ultimately the breakdown of society and order, as well as the descent into savagery and abuse of weaker individuals.

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By using children, as opposed to adults, the novel is able to portray some of mankind’s basic instincts and general nature on its simplest level. Ultimately, we are able to see how individuals react without authority figures telling them how to behave, and the results are quite devastating and, at times, very sad. As a result, there are plenty of touching essay topics that you can use when discussing the novel.

Of course, one of the central characters is Piggy, who is the focus of a great deal of abuse, and is likely to be the focal point of many touching essay topics; however, there are other directions that you may wish to take. The following outlines a variety of ideas based around Piggy and other characters or themes.

  1. What does Piggy’s treatment on the island say about society as a whole?
  2. With reference to real-life studies, describe how accurate a betrayal Lord of the Flies is when the rule of law is absent within society
  3. Discuss the way in which children perceive adults to be according to the actions and events that occur in the novel
  4. What does “the beast” portrayed, and how does it signify the way in which humans often look to a high of being more supernatural force - either good or evil - to help understand more about themselves, or at least to cope with the world around them?
  5. Describe the way the weaknesses were easily picked up on and what this says about the characters in the book, as well as human nature as a whole
  6. Describe the way that feeling such as paranoia, selfishness, content and other negative traits are used by Golding
  7. Outline and discuss the positives and negatives of power that are described and alluded to in the novel
  8. What physical attributes relating to piggy ultimately make him a prime target for the torrents of the other children on the island?
  9. Do you think that Piggy would have received as much abuse and vilification had he been thin with good eyesight?
  10. Describe Ralph’s character and the way he betrays himself throughout Lord of the flies
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